We have come a long way in terms of serving people in over 100+ cities today. We have been extending our arms to help feed the hungry all over the world during the covid pandemic. Some of our regular events are highlighted below.

In the last twelve months, we had provided over four hundred thousand meals across the world. During this time, some of the major projects started in India include the Livelihood project in Delhi that supports low-income families affected by leprosy. We have also started community kitchens in Maharashtra and regular feeding at various locations all over India.

It is easy to overlook animals while the world struggles to eliminate hunger among humans. Act 4 Hunger is equally committed to feeding animals. We have distributed hundreds of kilos of fodder to cattle, goats, horses and camels. We have also fed emus, monkeys, birds, and fishes at various animal shelters and care centers. Our volunteers also maintain the daily feeding and caring of strays. Come join the movement with us!