About Us

With a network of volunteers over one hundred cities across the world, Act 4 Hunger continues to work towards its joint mission of ‘Food for All’ beyond all boundaries of religion, race and species.

Founder of Act 4 Hunger

A4H has been founded by Mohanji, a world-renowned humanitarian who has dedicated his life towards service. He believes that humanity is the best religion for people as it is beyond all man-made barriers such as caste, colour, creed, nationality and culture. He walks the path of ahimsa (non-violence) in thought, word and action and is driven by the conviction that we should all leave the earth a better place after having lived on it. ACT 4 Hunger is just one of the platforms that Mohanji has founded in order to fulfil this aim.

About Act 4 Hunger

A4H is a neutral universal platform upon which various organisations can perform food service activities. By joining hands together and combining the food service activities of various organisations under the A4H banner, the impact, reach and visibility of activities can be much greater, thus benefitting more individuals.

Mission & Vision

The mission of ACT 4 Hunger is to feed the hungry worldwide. The vision of ACT 4 Hunger is a world where no one has to suffer the pain of hunger due to food poverty.


“food beyond boundaries”

The motto of ACT 4 Hunger is “food beyond boundaries” which is an acknowledgement that when it comes to serving food to the hungry there should be no man made boundaries such as nationality, race, culture, religion etc. Food should be served to anyone who needs it and that includes the animals, birds and fishes that share this beautiful space on earth with us and who are so important to the preservation of our delicate ecosystem.


One of the core beliefs of A4H is Ahimsa (non-violence), hence A4H is unique in that it seeks to alleviate hunger by aiming to serve exclusively vegan food. We believe that it is better to serve food which is produced without cruelty. In our view alleviating hunger by exploitation and cruelty to another being is counterproductive.


All A4H activities have similar branding. Whenever we have our activities we have branding material such as banners, standees, posters, T-shirts and caps using the A4H to increase the visibility and raise awareness of what we do so that we can serve more people.

The Future

The long term aim of A4H is to have its own production kitchens and distribution network in order to produce and supply food to serve people all over the world. For this to happen the support that we receive from organisations and individuals all over the world is very much appreciated! For more information on supporting A4H please see our ‘Getting involved’ page.