Get Involved

Join our volunteers in five continents and over one hundred cities across the world to feed the hungry.



You can support or work in many different ways such as:

  • Please send us an email or make contact with the ACT 4 Hunger representative (or partner organisation representative) in your country/region to help cook or serve food.
  • Making a donation. You can directly fund our activities by making a one off or regular donation for example on your birthday or in memory of someone special through the appropriate secure donating portal for your country on our donate page
  • Fundraise for us by leading a fundraising activity such as a sponsored walk or through creating a fundraising event using one of the charity giving platforms such as Just giving or facebook giving.
  • Donation of vegan food items such as rice, beans, flour, sugar, oil, pulses etc
  • Offering use of your facilities, equipment and consumables in order to support activities on the ground.

Please contact us by email or by making contact with the ACT 4 Hunger representative in your country or a representative of one of our partner organizations.


ACT 4 Hunger is now looking to expand its operations by partnering with restaurants, companies, supermarkets and food suppliers in many different countries in order to serve more people. As a company or business you can support ACT 4 Hunger in a many different ways:

  • Donation of a proportion of your turnover to support ACT 4 Hunger. For example Ahimsa the Vegan Café in London (who particularly resonate with our stance on serving exclusively vegan food) are supporting us by donating a percentage of their monthly turnover to ACT 4 Hunger in order to fund our activities.
  • Donating excess food supplies due to overproduction
  • Donating food which is close to expiry. The food must still be within the stated shelf life as we will not take expired food
  • Donating unsold food at the end of the day which is perfectly good to eat but would ordinarily go to waste

Offering up your facilities for use by the ACT 4 Hunger team. E.g. if you have a  production kitchen facility that can be used for food production.

Our Supporters

Ahimsa The Vegan Cafe

Ahimsa the Vegan Café in London is supporting by donating a percentage of monthly turnover to ACT 4 Hunger.